Crowd Control

The use of portable poll stanchions has long been a go to solution as a pedestrian control application. Stanchion use is relavant in crowd control situations such as a queue line organizer, boundary,  public guidance system and more. Available stanchion types include retractable belt compatible series, retractable belt modular series and as rope stanchions. Whether choosing belt or rope type stanchions, post, ropes and belt are all available in multiple options and styles. Custom posts and belt printings are also available. Don't hesitate to contact us with questions or custom solutions.

Stainless Steel Plaza Rail
Entrance Rail Stainless Steel

Floor Mount Flat Handrail, CN Tower Queue

Sing Gate

Entrance -Exit and/or Handicap Security Gate

Pearson Airport Belt Top Stanchions
Pearson Airport Belt Top Stanchions

Stanchions used for organized queueing.  

Belt Stanchions
Belt Stanchion

Washroom, aisle & counter security.  

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