Floor Mounted Foot RailsWhen railings are to be supported by brackets directly to the floor, the brackets must be sturdy and structural as well as consistent with the design, materials, and styling you've designed. Gallery Metalworks offers a complete array of flooring attachments for all its railing and stanchion offerings.  If you have a special bracket problem or have questions regarding our selection or installation, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.


Flange Model 357
Narrow Wall Flange

Narrow Flange

Flange Model 361
Round Floor Flange

Floor Flange 5" Round

Wall Flange Model 362
Round Floor Flange

Floor Flange 4" Round

Flange Model 363
Angle Flange

Angle Flange

Cover Plate Model 365
Square Edge Circular Cover Plate

Square Edge Cover Plate

Flush Mount Floor Assembly Model
Floor Mounted Steel Post

Steel Post Flange Assembly

Tall Flat End Post Bracket Model 702
Flat End Post

Tall Flat End Post

Removable Post Floor Socket 364
Removable Post Floor Socket

Removable Post Floor Socket

Round Cover Plate Flange
Cover Plate With Rounded Edge

Cover Plate, Rounded Edge


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