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Texture Choices

Textured finishes are defined as added grain or physical alteration to standard products or material. (See list below of typical textures.)

They add extra dimension to any given material, both in look and feel.

The same finish for materials, whether an applied finish or the actual metal material can be accented to choice by physical or process texturing. Some examples are Oil Rubbed Bronze...smooth finish or brushed finish, Stainless Steel... brushed finish or random grind finish.

Typical textures available are:


Smooth/matte Finish

Matte finish means that it is not shiny. It will be a flat color with no sparkles.
(Available in all metals)

Mirror Finish

(Available in all metals)

Brushed Finish

Brushed Stainless Steel
(Available in all metals)



Copper Vein finish


Black Sandtex 
Low Gloss, Fine Texture 
(Available all metals & powder coated)



(Available all metals & powder coated)



Random Grinds

(Available all metals)