EasyQueue Boreal Security Gates

EasyQueue offers a complete family of conventional and high security gates, turnstiles, and related products. For more information on our conventional gates and turnstiles, CLICK HERE.

ARBO Vibratory feeder, volumetric mode  

AIFC Superior Technology

The active sensors located on two planes tightly seal the EQ BOREAL SOLUTION I gate-portal. These sensors protect the horizontal as well as the vertical plane of the gate-portal and are managed by a proprietary control algorithm (US Patent # 8, 928, 458) that allows to detect and prevent unauthorised exit attempts of individuals or goods, even at the floor level.

ARBO Vibratory conveyor  

Remote Control

The remote control unit permits the staff to manage gate operation at a distance. SOLUTION I may be temporarily disabled or reset. The remote control contains a second alarm buzzer.


ARBO Feeder control panel, volumetric and gravimetric  

Emergency Egress

In the event of a power failure or a fire alarm, EQ BOREAL SOLUTION I will allow free entry and exit in both directions.

Platform scales, various sizes  

LED Light Signals

The SOLUTION I LED light panels located on each side of the portal-gate unit welcome your clients to walk into your store (green arrows) or prevent forbidden exit attempts (red X).

Spice Application Systems  

Release Clutch

To prevent breaking of the door or internal components in case of tampering or misuse, EQ BOREAL SOLUTION I has this unique release clutch system to relieve from any excessive movement.

Spice Application Systems  

Emergency Exit Button

When the emergency exit button is depressed by a customer, an alarm is triggered and after a short delay (10 sec.), the gate will be disabled to allow exiting.

Spice Application Systems  

Fire Alarm Connectivity

In the event of a fire alarm, a command will be sent to SOLUTION I which will disable gate security features to allow immediate exit and activate inside store exit green arrows LED signals.