EasyQueue Boreal Security Benefits

The superior AIFC technology of EQ Boreal Security Gates detects and prevents unauthorized exists. Here is a list of typical benefits:


  • Detection, alert and prevention of any and all inappropriate exits even when an individual is attempting to exit while another one holds the gate open;
  • Detection and alert of personnel or merchandise exit movements at the floor level.


  • The only system in the industry with a remote control, allowing your staff to manage the gate operation at a distance;
  • Following an electric power failure or fire alarm, SOLUTION I resets itself automatically without the need of an operator;
  • Only EQ BOREAL SOLUTION I is provided with LED light panels (green arrows and red Xs) on each side of the gate portal that are easy to understand by your customers and that adapt according to the situation (normal, emergency exit, fire alarm…)


  • Electronic sensors and programmable chips allow tailoring of specific functionalities to the needs of store operators.
  • Management of adaptable LED light panels (green arrows and red Xs) in order to control customers flow according to the situation : normal, emergency, fire alarm;
  • Option to count the number of entries into the store.


  • SOLUTION I is the only gate portal equipped with a slip clutch system that prevents breaking of the door or internal components in case of excessive tampering or misuse;
  • 304 grade stainless steel components have been designed to provide long lasting durability with virtually no maintenance.


  • EQ BOREAL SOLUTION I meets all North-American building regulations (Canada – USA);
  • A convenient Emergency Exit Button allows users to exit after a 10 seconds delay ;
  • Fail-safe automatic de-activation of the gate locking system in case of fire alarm or electric power failure.