Ballet Bars

Custom Ballet Bar Ballet bars are stationary rail structures that provide stability and support for ballet exercises. Structural strength and appearance are significant to us concerning bars. Our high quality ballet bars are available wall mounted or floor mounted. As wall mounted rails, brackets are used to secure and stabilize a wall mounted ballet barre. Some design options include materials, brackets, finishes and sizes. We also specialize in custom ballet barre systems. Contact us for unique design solutions or with questions concerning ballet bars. 

A mix of standard Gallery Metalworks' componentry

Any combination of tubing, wall mount brackets and end caps can make simple to high end ballet bars.

2” diameter tubing is suggested for most ballet applications.

The 547 Streamlined bracket and 314 Contemporary bracket are recommended.

Ballet Bar System

Step #1: Select a railing:

Pick your diameter/ size and length of tubing, choice of material and finish by clicking the blue bars to the right. 

Step #2: Select your brackets:

Choose from ballet bar brackets here.

(Normally 2 or 3 per 6 foot length)

Generally with offset of about 5”- 6” is best for ballet bars.

#314,315,547,349, 350, 701,702 are recommended. 

Step #3: Select the end caps: 

End caps can be seen here.

#378 domed end cap is recommended.