Structural Glass

Structural GlassUltimate in contemporary appearance, the transparent and space enhancing attractiveness fits well into most surroundings. Structural glass is a strong and durable and meets all standard load requirements solution at higher elevations where vulnerable edges pose a safety concern. This product's use versatility multiplies with the inclusion of our offered customizable options. Finding the perfect design solution is easy. In addition to specialty manufacturing, choices such as panel size, type of glass, and how the installation is secured are available. Please contact us with your questions and custom design schemes. 

Railing with Aluminum Structural Shoe
Railing & Structural Glass

Clad in mirror SS & with Stainless steel top cap.

The aluminum glass shoe
Structural Glass "Shoe" Clip

Pre coating or cladding.

Modern Staircase With Structural Glass
Modern Staircase With Structural Glass
Structural Glass Used In Mall
Structural Glass in Mall
West Edmonton Mall
Structural Glass With Brass Top Cap

Structural Glass with 3” Brass top cap

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